Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Education Program

Melanie’s extensive teaching experience and knowledge meant that my husband and I received the most tailored learning experience suited to our needs. As we are preparing for our second child, there was a lot of knowledge that we took from our first experience and carry into our birth preparation this time round.

Mel spent a great deal of time learning from us and listening to our stories so that our hypnobirthing experience would meet our needs. The resources and activities shared during our time together were central to our desires that we are hoping to manifest for this birth. We spoke at length about honouring this birth and allowing it to unfold in its own way, and the importance of the role of the birth partner (my husband) to support the progression of labour.

We walked away from this session with more clarity and focus, greater confidence and armed with a wonderful suite of resources that we plan to use for the remainder of our pregnancy, labour and beyond.


We didn’t know what to expect but was told hypnobirthing had helped a lot of our friends and was recommended by my midwife.

We both enjoyed the course so much! We liked how this course taught us strategies to get me into the zone whilst giving birth and the knowledge around interventions so we could take what we felt may work for our birth.

Mel is a fantastic teacher keeping the content engaging with some practice during the session. We felt comfortable in her presence and felt any concerns or anxieties we came in, we had softened on the way out. We are now more excited for our birth!

Thanks Mel!

Jess & James