Yoga for Youth

Beata is very kind and knowledgeable, she knows her content well and is entirely authentic in her delivery of it. She also is good humoured and easy to relate to, and generous with her time and attention. Flip was similarly very knowledgeable and skilled in her craft.


Beata’s wisdom, passion, experience and enthusiasm was outstanding. A course that was informative, inclusive, collaborative, accessible and engaging. B’s facilitation and examples were so authentic and relevant to the many age groups I already teach. To have her open up her heart and her teaching toolkit has already enhanced my offerings, and given me the ability to dive deeper with my students, and also seek new clients. I felt empowered by her offerings and have already sung her praises to many. An experience I highly recommend.

I look forward to being a part of Beata’s offerings again.

Kylie P.

Beata Heymann

Beata Heymann