Ten years ago, when I was 17, I was a shell of myself.

For months, I was bed-ridden with glandular fever and insomnia.

During my more-than-a-year-long recovery, I was fortunate enough to access all sorts of alternative forms of therapy.

Treatments came from acupuncturists, bioresonance practitioners, yoga teachers, nutritionists, psychologists, sleep therapists – the list goes on.

This was all in my final year of high school in Adelaide and while the day-to-day stress of getting out of bed was torture, an underlying respect of those who took the time to help me is what motivated me to becoming a better version of myself.

Living through rinsing and repeating these different forms of rehabilitation allowed me to notice that my struggles as a teenager were what helped awaken my own passion for helping and healing others intuitively.

The huge amount of respect I have for the practitioners is what also convinced me to become one myself.

After finishing high school and with a fresh start front of mind, I moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) while working at Angea Acupuncture & Yoga, a Prahran-based fertility acupuncture clinic.

As I grew in confidence, my roles within Angea also developed. I started assisting with treatment of clients and learned how a clinic ran.

But as luck had it, mental struggles returned and I had to put my dream on hold, pausing my studies and stepping away from Angea.

Staying in Melbourne, I landed a new job around the corner at Greene St Juice Co, an organic cold pressed juice bar, and learned about nutrition, juicing and cleansing.

Funnily, the team at Angea had not given up on me; their Reiki Master continually came in as a customer and eventually, I began to see her as a client.

Seeing my new mentor’s energy work allowed me to feel the best I had felt in a long time, and combining Reiki with daily meditation reignited my desire and drive to help people in this way.

Shortly after, I completed my study as a Reiki Master and started my Cert IV in Massage Therapy.

As many young women do across the globe, I decided to move to Byron Bay (maybe because of the beaches and warmer weather) and began work at Comma, a massage spa while completing my Massage Therapy course.

Working as a therapist was amazing; it assured me this was what I wanted to do.

Similar to my experience at Angea, I developed more roles while at Comma and became the manager, learning how to successfully run a business, and lead a team of 15 staff. Nothing excites me more than helping others achieve their goals – both in the business world and through therapy.

But like all good things, my time in Byron came to an end. After a four-year hiatus, I’m back in Melbourne, ready to be my own boss and refresh strong relationships with my local community and beyond.

Now, as an adaptable and flexible business owner, I can extend my offering of services to better meet any of my client’s expectations.

Strangely enough, I am incredibly grateful for my former chronic illness, as it has allowed me to see the light and has given me the opportunity to spark joy in giving others tender loving care.

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