by Adele Conti.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

Have you even wondered why things just never go your way? Why bad things continue to happen? Are you always saying… poor me! Why do good things always happen to others and never to me? They’re so lucky!

Well STOP! Just STOP! The universe ALWAYS hears you. The issue isn’t that you are not being heard. The issue is that you are unknowingly asking for the wrong things to happen, because these are the things that you are constantly thinking about. You need to stop thinking about the things you don’t want to create and the things you fear and start thinking about what you DO want to create in your life!

Change your story one thought at a time. Sounds easy right? Yes, it actually IS that easy. You know the old saying, “what we think, we become”. Well it’s absolutely true. Everything in this universe is made up of energy, and energy is constantly moving, shifting, expanding etc… “Like energy attracts like energy”. It’s the law! So when you think about it, it’s pretty simple.

If you are constantly thinking about what you don’t have in your life and what you are scared “might” happen to you or your loved ones, where do you think your energy is going? Toward everything you do not want to create!!! The universe only knows what you are constantly thinking about and directing your energy towards – it doesn’t realise that this isn’t what you actually want. So quite simply change your thoughts – change your life!!

What do you have to lose right? So I challenge you for one whole day to take notice of your most dominant thoughts. Then you can
decide if these thoughts are constructive in leading you toward the life you’ve always wanted to live OR if they are constantly creating more of what you don’t want!! The more you think about something -what you do OR don’t want, then the more energy you are sending toward that thing. The more energy you give it, the more energy you give it, the more energy you give it, the more energy you give it – Get it??

This energy grows and expands and more and more things start to happen to lead you to the exact thing you are constantly thinking about. If this is something you actually want then FANTASTIC, you’ve got it!! But if it’s something you don’t want then oh ohhhh guess what, you’ve got it!!! I’m pretty sure you now get it!!

So if it’s love you want then start to say to yourself, I am love!! If it’s abundance you want then start to say to yourself, I am abundant!! Don’t be afraid to dream big here my friend.

Affirmations can really help; here are some you might like to use:

  • “I attract success and abundance into my life, because that’s who I am”.
  • “I have an attitude of allowing”.
  • “I am success, I am abundance”.
  • “I feel successful, I feel the abundance that is here now”.
  • “I have enough money and I allow what I already have enough of to continue to flow to me”.
  • “I attract wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance”.
  • “My body is healing every day”.
  • “I feel loved deeply and daily”.
  • “My immune system gets stronger every day”.
  • “I believe in myself”.
  • “I have an attitude of gratitude”.

Another great tool is a vision board. Get a big piece of cardboard. Get some magazines or use your computer and find pictures of exactly what you want in your life. Print/cut out the pictures and stick them to your vision board. Put it somewhere that you can look at it often.

Trust me it’s like a shopping list, be careful what you put on there, because if you focus on it, and direct your energy toward it, and start to live your life as though you already have everything on that board, then that energy will start to create like energy, and more of that will create more of that energy, and the life you want will start unfolding before your very eyes and you will slowly or very quickly start to see everything on your vision board manifesting in your life.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say here. You can’t create a vision board and sit on your couch staring at the board and stop living your life because you think it’s all going to magically appear in front of you! No this isn’t exactly how it works. You need to keep living your life, infuse it with an attitude of gratitude, and as your thoughts start to focus on everything you want to create and you start to “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled”, as the late Dr Wayne Dyer said, then everything will start to change, one thought at a time.

So strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride!!
If you would like to delve deeper into the power of manifestation here are some great people/resources to help you on your journey.

Here are some great free podcasts you can listen to:

Some Books to explore:

  • Dr Joe Dispenza — “Becoming Supernatural” & “Ascending Your Energy Tune In to Your New Destiny”
  • Dr Wayne Dyer — “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life”
  • Esther Hicks — “Ask and It is Given”