The Art of Adjusting Certificate

with Dominique Santana Salerno - AYA Principal

Students love adjustments. You know how amazing it feels to be guided on the mat by the reassuring hands of a competent teacher. A good hands on adjustment can completely change a students experience and understanding of an asana.

Unfortunately, adjusting is becoming a lost art. An art that can only be communicated and conveyed by experienced hands and lots of practice under the watchful gaze of a senior teacher.

This practical certificate course is ideal for yoga teachers and teachers in training, and will equip you with the confidence to utilise safe hands-on adjustments in common yogasanas.

Come and immerse yourself in this 12 hour exploration of the subtle art of adjusting and deepen your understanding of yoga teaching.

Build your confidence as a teacher through practical hands-on exercises and techniques and the opportunity to navigate common postural misalignments encountered in yoga shalas everyday.

This course will cover:

  • principles and benefits of hands-on adjusting
  • how to use hands-on adjustments in a safe and effective manner
  • principles of alignment for major groups of asanas
  • dealing with typical misalignments of common poses

You will learn to observe the pose skillfully and how to decide what needs to be adjusted – and how – and have the opportunity to practice and assist your fellow students in commonly encountered yoga poses.

Where: AYA Prahran Studio
When: Saturdays April 6 & 13 OR October 9 & 26, 2019
Time: 10am — 4pm
Price: $330

Australian Yoga Academy’s Certificate Courses have been developed for already qualified yoga teachers and serious yoga practitioners who are seeking to deepen both their personal practice and professional skills.

Continual professional development and training is essential for yoga teachers and these programs will not only enable you to better serve your current students, but more importantly will inspire your personal practice.

AYA’s Certificate Courses are an extensive exploration into the deeper practical applications and advanced practices of Yoga.

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