Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

AYA runs dedicated Pre-Natal yoga classes. Please check the timetable for when they are running.

You may join a course at any stage of your pregnancy provided you have checked with your doctor. No bookings are required.

Pre-Natal yoga is conducted in small groups and in a non-heated room. You will be guided through a practice designed specifically for you and your growing baby with a focus on the key milestones to consider throughout your pregnancy and practices that will help prepare you for the birth.

Prenatal yoga at AYA was my saviour during an uncomfortable pregnancy. If I could have come every day, I would have. Within the class, I felt cared for and supported in a personal way. Melanie is an experienced prenatal teacher and I felt very safe in her hands. Apart from the relief of physical movement (undertaken to my own standard), the class provided an opportunity to practise breathing and relaxation techniques that were invaluable during the birth. And I found that I came to know my unborn child in a new way, too. Thanks AYA and Mel. Nicci Dodanwela