Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

AYA runs dedicated Pre-Natal yoga classes. Please check the timetable for when they are running.

You may join a course at any stage of your pregnancy provided you have checked with your doctor. No bookings are required.

Pre-Natal yoga is conducted in small groups and in a non-heated room. You will be guided through a practice designed specifically for you and your growing baby with a focus on the key milestones to consider throughout your pregnancy and practices that will help prepare you for the birth.

Prenatal yoga at AYA was my saviour during an uncomfortable pregnancy. If I could have come every day, I would have. Within the class, I felt cared for and supported in a personal way. Melanie is an experienced prenatal teacher and I felt very safe in her hands. Apart from the relief of physical movement (undertaken to my own standard), the class provided an opportunity to practise breathing and relaxation techniques that were invaluable during the birth. And I found that I came to know my unborn child in a new way, too. Thanks AYA and Mel.

Nicci Dodanwela

A 9lb 14 baby boy was born after a total of only 3 hours labour and with only gas a pain relief I believe was due to Dominique and her teachings.

The breathing techniques I learned in the prenatal classes not only helped in the labour and birth but also in the first few weeks postpartum where the stresses of a newborn can at times seem quite overwhelming.

Postpartum, my obstetrician commented on my excellent recovery and the speed at which my body had returned to its pre-pregnant state. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is trying to conceive or who are actually pregnant to attend a regular yoga class. The benefits spiritually, physically and emotionally, enhance what is already a beautiful time in your life.”

Rebecca and Baby Cooper Monger

Post Natal Mums and Bubs Course

Australian Yoga Academy is excited to offer a POSTNATAL Mum’s and Bub’s yoga course.

Each week we will focus on postures and techniques to help strengthen the body and mind. We will address the key areas of pelvic floor, aching neck and shoulders, loss of stamina and strengthening the abdominals. For bubs we will include baby massage, techniques for relieving stomach or digestive strain and a technique to relive bouts of crying.

As new mum’s we may find that our energy levels have decreased, we no longer feel as strong as we did during or before the pregnancy and we ache in places we find difficult to relax.

This course structure is designed to provide you with techniques that can assist in the transitioning of becoming a new mother but also to create a safe, warm and nurturing space where baby can join you in your yoga practice.

Come join Jen our experienced and dedicated pre and post natal teacher to help re build and strengthen your body and mind. Jen brings with her not only her enthusiasm to motherhood but tried and tested techniques that she uses with her own son.

Our key focus for each week:

  • Week 1 : Addressing issues of Pelvic Floor, Sacroiliac Instability and the Separation of Abdominals.
  • Week 2 : Building Stamina and Baby Massage
  • Week 3 : Relieving Shoulder tension and the Connection of Breath from mother to baby
  • Week 4 : Strengthening Abdominals and Lower Back
  • Week 5 : Core Strength for the Body and the Mind

Whether your baby is 6 weeks old or 10 months come join us for an Enlightening, Grounding and Nurturing experience. Learn how to rebuild your body safely.

Check our events page to see when this course is next scheduled.

Hi there beautiful yoginis. This email is long overdue, as I have been meaning to send it since my baby was born, which was June 27th!  I practised at the studio for about a year (until I moved back to Canada to have my baby) and over that time had the privilege of taking part in LOTS of classes at AYA with a few different instructors. And I wanted to let you know that your yoga classes were the best prep for childbirth! A year of yoga practice before pregnancy really prepared me to deal with the stresses and challenges inherent in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I had a home waterbirth with two midwives on hand, without any perception of pain (no meds, no invasive procedures, no fear). I actually spontaneously started chanting the Anusara invocation (the same one you use) when things started getting intense, and it was a beautiful meditation that reminded me to let go and trust my inner intelligence to safely and easily birth my baby. I never planned to chant or meditate, but rather it has become ingrained into my subconscious as a way to cope with discomfort. I wish every woman had the chance to learn yoga from you. As Dominique always said — standing on your head means nothing if you can not control what goes on inside of it. Yoga applied to life — like childbirth — is such a powerful tool. Anyways thank you for being my teachers and teaching YOGA instead of just ‘circus tricks’.

Elizabeth Nerland

I wanted to that you for your birthing mantras and wisdom that helped me enormously during the labour. We managed to get through a 15-hour labour without any pain relief. Baby Rose was a whopper 8lbs 9.  Thank you also for your affection and guidance which helped us during the pregnancy. You helped to deliver Rose into the world! We are both recovering well and getting to know one another.

Larissa and baby Rose

After experiencing a wonderfully positive pregnancy and birth, I feel truly grateful for the teachings of the Australian Yoga Academy. My first impression of the academy was via a phone enquiry when teacher, Mel Mackintosh, welcomed me wholeheartedly.

Soon after we first met in one of her general classes, Mel announced her own pregnancy. I remember how delightful it was to watch her progress through each trimester as she instructed classes. Through her health and vitality, I could see how much yoga had enriched her pregnancy.

Later, when I became pregnant, I joined Mel’s prenatal classes and it was a joy to be guided by her gentle, kind nature and the wisdom she shared from her own positive birth experience. The prenatal classes were a beautiful, relaxed and fun experience with an intimate group of preggie bellies. Mel encouraged open conversation and the sharing of stories and advice. Most importantly Mel reinforced the power of pranayama, and in particular ujjayi breathing, which is at the core of all classes at the academy. She explained the benefits of this form of breathing during labour. Her classes also encouraged regular strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles – mula bandha – for birth preparation and post-birth recovery.

During labour I thought of Mel often and used her birth story as inspiration to create my own experience. I can honestly say I couldn’t have wished for a better birth. I had a smooth labour and delivery, with thanks to a committed focus on ujjayi breathing throughout. I birthed my 9 pound baby boy naturally and calmly without any intervention, pain relief or stitches. It was the most rewarding and empowered experience of my life. Mel gave me the confidence to believe that the female body is perfectly designed for childbirth. Postpartum, I bounced back very quickly and I attribute my speedy recovery to the overall fitness and wellbeing that yoga had allowed me to develop.

For me, yoga continues to be a life-changing process. It’s been a wonderful journey experiencing everything that the Australian Yoga Academy has to offer and I feel blessed to have shared my recent journey into motherhood with Mel in her prenatal classes.

Lisa & Baby Jem