50 Hour Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Certificate Course

A trauma and mental health aware training for yoga teachers, educators and clinicians .

Yoga, Adolescence and Mental Health

Emerging evidence indicates that yoga and mindfulness-based practices may help children and young people to cope with stress, and to experience more balance in life, wellbeing and mental health. Early studies demonstrate that skilfully designed programs and interventions can support adolescents to improve key wellbeing skills, such as resilience, social connection, self-concept, self-awareness and self-regulation.

Given that half of all mental conditions in adolescence emerge by age 14, providing opportunities for children and adolescents to experience and explore the tools of yoga and mindfulness during their developmental years can be life-changing.

About this Training

AYA’s 50 Hour Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Certificate Course is designed for yoga teachers,
educators, clinicians and others who may be interested in integrating yoga and mindfulness
practices into their work with young people. An innovative program designed to prepare
professionals from a range of backgrounds to weave yoga and mindfulness into new and existing offerings, this training is open to all who have an interest in these practices.

Specific to this training is a focus on youth mental health awareness, and on designing classes and programs that are responsive to the needs of young people aged between 13 and 18 years.

AYA Prahran Studio

Course Delivery
5 x Full Days
8am – 5.00pm

Final project task (delivered online)

Course Dates 2019
Friday 1st – Tuesday 6th November 2019 inclusive.

Early Bird Special $1,250 (until 31st July)
Full Investment: $1,450 (from 1st August )

More Information
Email hello@jobuick.com if you have further questions about the course.

About Your Facilitator

Jo is an educator with an interest in body-centred mindfulness practices that promote a greater sense of ease, freedom and connection in everyday life. With a background in secondary school teaching, youth coaching and non-profit programmatic design, she has been working with children, young people and youth-focused services for over a decade. Academically, Jo’s studies have centred on education, yoga, trauma and social change. She holds Master degrees in both Teaching and Education, and has undertaken over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training, including advanced training with the Centre for Trauma and Embodiment as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator. She is also the co-founder of State of Being, a Melbourne based non-profit organisation delivering yoga and mindfulness to people and communities who have less access to mainstream services.

For more information about Jo, please head to jobuick.com

Course Modules

Mindfulness and Yoga

  • Research and evidence base
  • Mindfulness, mental health and youth
  • Youth-specific considerations for facilitators
  • Integrating mindfulness and yoga 

Adolescent Development

  • Developmental neurobiology
  • Physiology and anatomy during adolescence and puberty
  • Social and emotional development during adolescence

Trauma and Mental Health Awareness

  • Trauma theory and child development
  • Youth mental health considerations
  • Attachment theories and behaviours
  • Recognising and responding to triggers in youth

Creating Safe(r) Spaces

  • Facilitator skills and qualities
  • Classrooms and learning environments
  • Boundaries and structure
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Philosophy and ethics

Teaching Methodology

  • Techniques for teaching adolescents
  • Designing youth-specific programs and interventions
  • Integrating psychoeducation into lessons
  • Lesson and unit planning techniques
  • Pitching’ yoga to your school, organisation or community
  • Monitoring and evaluating your program

Teaching Toolkit

  • Sequencing and planning templates
  • Yoga sequences for specific needs
  • Mindfulness activities and games