Thanks so much for the past few months studying at AYA! It was truly a life changing and eye opening experience, not only as a yoga teacher, but personally as I felt myself grow leaps and bounds!

I started off not knowing exactly what I wanted out of the course, but soon after realised that I had found a place where I truly wanted to be, and with people who I aspired to me more like. I also felt major changes in my life, own practise and confidence as a reflection of what we learned in class, as it was so relevant to daily life, especially the meditation, pranayama and spirituality modules, and both my friends and family noticed major changes in my demeanour and attitude, so thank you!!!

As a result, I am now living in the U.S, have just started teaching my own yoga classes in the park, and also just secured a place to teach at a local martial arts studio, so things are really happening! I could not have done it without the love and support of Anthony, Mel, and yourself, and look forward to staying in touch in the near future!

Emily Coupe

AYA Graduate

There are a few great things I have undertaken in my life… and studying at AYA is one of them. Shortly after being introduced to Dominique and the school via my long-time friend and yoga teacher, I decided to follow my heart and passion in becoming a yoga teacher myself. Ever the researcher, I fully investigated all my options before finally returning full circle to AYA. It was one of the best decisions of my life. The comprehensive teachings, dedicated and passionate teachers and total experience at AYA was unique and unparalleled, setting me off on a journey of true growth and deep self-discovery… the cherry on the cake being the connections I now share with an amazing network of like-minded souls, together treading this path of self-realisation we call Yoga. Thank you AYA for changing my life. It just keeps getting better and better.

Heather Joel

AYA Graduate

After my first class with Dominique I was inspired, uplifted and new that I had to take the teacher training program. Dominique’s passion for yoga and life oozed from every pour. Her kindness, warmth, vast knowledge and quirky personality opened my heart and left me feeling hopeful as she masterfully guided me toward my spirit. There is a love and compassion that underlies the philosophy of A.Y.A. which is a reflection of Dominique and Anthony’s energy. Each day they dedicate their lives to improving the lives of anyone who asks. I completed the course in July 2007 and opened my own Yoga Studio the following year. We’ve been blessed to have a successful business and have grown at a lovely rate since. If you are thinking about completing the Teacher Training course offered by A.Y.A. (whether you would like to teach or not), I highly recommend taking the plunge!

Jannin Jacob

Director, Happy Being Yoga

I began my journey wanting to be a yoga teacher and what a journey it was! I have discovered a whole new me. It gave me an opportunity to dig deep and discover my true colours.

Ruth Parker

AYA Graduate

This course has armed me for life by guiding me through real obstacles with practical and useful resources. The teachers and the school were highly professional and I left feeling assured that I will always know how to find me.

Sarah Murray

AYA Graduate

The Australian Yoga Academy’s Advanced Diploma in Yoga led me to grow mind, body and soul. I realized that through dedication, focus, attention and hard work I could achieve anything. This course not only equipped me with the necessary skills I needed to teach Yoga but through the philosophy and ethics, energetic anatomy and techniques of yoga I gained invaluable understanding and insight into the inner self and the connection to this wonderful universe that we have. The course is amazing and the lecturers, Dominique, Anthony and Emma are awesome. Through their love, dedication and passion for yoga, never ending support and nurturing as well as loads of fun and laughter the course has managed to bring light and love to all the students that embark on this enlightening journey. It is with gratitude and love that I recommend this course and it’s wonderful lectures, a true gift you can give yourself and others inturn.

Linda Baise

AYA Graduate

The Yoga Teacher Training course was excellent. I gained not only the skills and abilities to teach yoga but it helped me develop and grow enormously as a person.

Jaymie Forsyth

AYA Graduate

The Australian Yoga Academy’s Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching gave me so much more than just learning to teach yoga. It was a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It was always a pleasure to come to class as you allowed the space for us to be real, human, however that manifested. I felt safe, nurtured and challenged throughout the course. I now have a richer and deeper understanding of the science of yoga and the workings of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Dominique, your patience and understanding allowed me to fulfill a dream I thought not possible. However, here I am teaching with confidence and watching my students grow. I got more than I could have hoped for and will always be grateful for the experience. One of the best investments I have ever made.

Taea Hope Tamburini

AYA Graduate

I am impressed by the quality of all the lectures, the information and wisdom of Dominique, Anthony and Emma and their understanding of yoga and how to apply it on all levels in the present world. A big thank you to all of the AYA team for creating such an excellent course that is well run, highly informative and for providing an environment of complete safety. Enrolling in it was the best decision I’ve made for myself.

Debbie Ganas

AYA Graduate

When I was researching for a Yoga school I asked my trusted and experienced teacher for advice. She told me to look at the quality of the teaching and then go with my heart. This course managed to deliver way over my expectations. I couldn’t wait for Saturday afternoons to roll around and participate in another class. The teachers all delivered 110% in every subject, in every single class. It reinforced that which I already knew and took me to areas I had never even considered. I had the enthusiasm. All I needed was the knowledge and experience to give me the confidence to teach.

Robert Molck

AYA Graduate

Everyone starts off with a different reason for wanting to be a teacher trainee – it doesn’t have to be something earth shaking and ground breaking. As a group of people – who have nothing more in common than wanting to learn more and/or be able to share our knowledge and love of yoga – we come together and hang out for a couple of hours a week. And boy do we get to learn. Over the course of a year, we learn more than how to stand on our heads, and we learn more than how to sequence a class. Beyond learning, we also get to feel things that can’t be taught. We get to laugh at Dominque’s witty perspective on being a yoga teacher.  We get the opportunity grow as individuals, and as a group. We learn that confidence and humility are two things which are essential – and we get to work on these through a healthy amount of learning not to take yourself too seriously, while at the same time gaining a respect for what an important role yoga and yoga teachers can play in the lives of others. Underpinning all this, is that even though we know we have so much to learn, and will continue to learn about ourselves, our students, and yoga for forever, the foundation that AYA’s lecturers and course material provide cannot be underestimated. They give us the tools to continue to grow, and the courage to be brave in our continued education and pursuit of knowledge. Becoming a TT is an undertaking that should not be entered into lightly, but if you do commit to it, you will not regret it.

Lou Stodulka

AYA Graduate

I started this course to become a better psychologist. I had no idea it would make me a better person.

Jordan Whitehead

AYA Graduate

I discovered this course on the internet and it has been more than true to its word. It was a truly life changing experience. I now understand more about myself, my yoga practice and how it all correlates to the world we live in. I have gained a fantastic grounding and understanding in areas of yoga.

Colette Crespin

AYA Graduate

This course is above all a mind opening experience and a great start on the path of self transformation and growth. It is about much more than asana. Dominique and Anthony’s dedication and selfless giving are an inspiration to everyone. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Victoria Koleva

AYA Graduate

Yoga is said to have a transformational effect on people’s lives. Through my studies with AYA I experienced personally the wonderful transformational effects it had physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It not only deepened and strengthened my yoga practice, but also accelerated my emotional and spiritual growth.  The expert knowledge and genuine caring of all the teachers made each and every class a deep learning experience on many differing levels.  My mind, body and spirit were often challenged, but it was through these challenges that I experienced transformational growth.  Thank-you Dominique, Anthony and Emma for sharing with me your deep knowledge and helping to make me the yoga teacher and I am destined to be.

Adrienne Stephens

Director, Yoga Dojo

The year spent in this course has been transformational. I started this course not sure what would come of it but certain that I needed to do something and knowing that yoga was something that I love. As well as all of the physical changes, I have made some wonderful friends that I know I will keep for life.

Vanessa Simmons

AYA Graduate

I had practiced and taught yoga on a voluntary basis for many years. I had been feeling very tired and without motivation in my life for quite some time and after many years of giving to others I wanted to do something for myself. Little did I know then how the course was going to transform my life.

I liked the classes so much that I did not miss any of the 40 Saturday classes throughout the year.  Dominique, Emma and Anthony, each of them with they own personality and wisdom created a safe space for self-expression and learning.  I always felt welcome never criticised or judged. There was challenge but there was also respect to my way of being and my own space.

I took a course to train as Yoga Instructor and I got a transformational experience of such magnitude that I rediscovered my mission in life, but better than that I recovered the courage to do something about it. Before I even finished the course I opened my own Yoga studio and I am dedicated to fulfilling my mission through Yoga.  I have put together a team of AYA graduates to work with me; we are having a great time building up the studio.  We are all AYA graduates in action out here in the world.

Thank you Dominique, Anthony and Emma for accepting me as student at the AYA, and thank you for all the years you have spent and the time you continue spending creating yourselves as teachers so through you we can access the wisdom and knowledge of all those that came before us.

Erlinda Lopez

Director, Erlinda Yoga Centre

I loved the AYA’s Yoga Teacher Training Course and all its contents, teachers and all that I learned.  I loved learning, making new friends and sharing this experience that confronted and challenged every element of my life – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  The entire journey has made me a better person.

Katherine Kirkby

AYA Graduate

I found the teachers training to be really informative and inspiring. There’s nothing like continuing professional development for keeping ones passion alive!  I really admire how you run such an organised, professional and high standard course.  I was impressed.

Renee Mauger

AYA Graduate

Thanks to Dominique, Anthony, Emma and Matthew, the Australian Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training Program has changed my perspective on life. The insights gained have made the course one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  The comprehensive notes, content and delivery of teaching make it a superior course to embark upon.

Jen Quested

AYA Graduate