Phoebe Kiddo

Phoebe’s calling is to inspire human flourishing through contemplative and creative practices. A mindfulness facilitator with over 12 years of professional teaching experience, Phoebe has lived and worked as an artist and meditation teacher in Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Berlin where she now lives.

In 2014 she founded The Dream Haus – A contemporary mindfulness studio.

Phoebe is a devoted practitioner, teacher and mother, who has trained with leaders in the mindfulness fields including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Kristen Neff, Jack Kornfield, Center for Mindfulness Research, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Alan Wallace, Rigpa Australia and more.

Paul Stevens

Paul is a physician whose interest in self-development has inspired over 20 years of yoga practice and 10 years of meditation practice. Now a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Paul brings years of teaching experience and personal practice along with a passion for research and science that supports what he has experienced first hand though somatic and meditative practice.

He is a Registered Medical Practitioner, Registered Naturopath, Registered Meditation Teacher & Registered Yoga Teacher and Fellow of the Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Association.

Benjamin Dixon

Having a personal practice that has spanned the last 23 years, Benjamin is a dedicated and highly motivated meditation practitioner. Having a deep personal connection with Tibetan Buddhist philosophy & practice and experience with secular practices, Benjamin’s intention as a teacher is to simply share the vibrant and rich teachings explored by contemplative traditions as well as offer up modest perspectives that draw from over 20 years of personal experience.

Emma Louise Costabile

Em was introduced to mindfulness meditation in 2012 through her own personal studies and practice. Through years of learning, Em grew a deeper connection and understanding to herself, others and nature itself. After completing a 50HR Mindfulness Teacher Training course in 2016 under Phoebe Kiddo at Australian Yoga Academy, she continued on to complete the 200HR MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher Training. A 10-day Silent Vipassana course in September 2017 helped Em strengthen and understand her practice. Levels One, Two and Three in Experiential Focusing Therapy under Biliana Dearly and all levels in Reiki under Martine Salerno introduced Em to different techniques.

She recently completed a 200HR trauma-informed, community based, yoga Teacher Training with Yoga for Humankind.

Co-facilitating 6 and 8 week mindfulness meditation courses alongside Benjamin Dix, Em is currently studying a post graduate Psychotherapy and Counselling degree and facilitating weekly workshops and public classes around Melbourne.

Mindfulness meditation is a skill that allows me to dive into the depth of presence. To understand and appreciate the power of simplicity. To feel fully alive, here, in the now, is a peaceful expansive way of being. I think letting go is one of the hardest things us humans have to face in our lives; letting go of pain, of judgments, of experiences- pleasant or unpleasant. We live in a world now where anxiety, depression and isolation are becoming so common in many of us. Finding meaning in this busy life using our breath, our bodies and our communities is fundamental for relieving these stressors. Meditation is a tool that helps us understand reality, connect with our true essence and be with each breath, moment by moment.” – Em