50 Hour Compassion Based Meditation Teacher Training

Learn to skilfully facilitate compassion-based meditation practices, because let’s face it, the world needs more kindness, and so do we!

Compassion-based meditation practices foster qualities of kindness, generosity, equanimity, and joy, toward ourselves and others. Compassion has been found to have numerous benefits for our physiological health, including influencing genetic expression, mental health, and emotion regulation, and in improving interpersonal and social relationships.

Our previous students report that this 5-day immersive training was deeply transformational. Self-compassion and compassion-based meditation are an antidote to self-criticism and judgment. In a time where competition, comparison and isolation are prevalent, practices of the heart offer us practical tools for encountering ourselves and others with kindness.

This immersive training is open to anyone genuinely interested in learning more about Mindful Self-Compassion and Compassion practices in a secular setting. ​Our foundational certificate draws from mindfulness-based self-compassion while touching on the rich theory, philosophy and history of compassion in the wisdom traditions. This foundational training is open to anyone drawn to fostering skills in self-compassion for personal development, as well as those who wish to bring practices of compassion to their community.


  • Introduction to Compassion & Mindful-Self Compassion
  • Core Mindful Self-Compassion Practices & Heart-Based Meditation
  • Science of the Heart – Research on Compassion
  • Anatomy of Emotions
  • History and Philosophy of Compassion-Based Meditation
  • Teaching skills including Trauma-Sensitive Facilitation


Loving-Kindness Meditation, Affectionate Breathing, Compassionate Body Scan, Noting emotions, Empathetic-Joy Meditation, Self-Compassionate Pause, Compassionate RAIN.

Course Dates 2020

Friday 27th November to Tuesday 1st December
From 8am to 5pm each day

Course Fees

Early Bird Special $1,250 (until 30th September 2020)
Full Investment: $1,450 (from 1st October 2020)
Please note once tickets are purchased there will be no refunds/transfers or credit given.