Meditation Teacher Training


I recently completed my level 1 Meditation Teacher Training with Phoebe from The Dream Haus at The Australian Yoga Academy & I loved every minute of it! Phoebe was so generous with her time & resources that I now feel qualified to get busy leading my own meditation workshops, courses & drop in classes.  The training was a perfect mix of theory, scientific evidence & experiential practice. Phoebe provided substantial course notes, scripts & ongoing support. I have always loved meditating but have noticed my own practice has transformed in just 4 short weeks & I look forward to sharing this amazing practice. Yay! I can not recommend Phoebe & The Dream Haus more highly.

Michelle Bourke

SoulFull Yoga & Wellness

Having the chance to deepen my own practice as well as learning more about the history and anatomy of meditation further enforced how important meditation is to my personal life and career, and how I want to share it with others in a way that doesn’t feel secular or inaccessible. Phoebe was incredibly humble, intelligent, and just a normal person with an awesome story/career. Not what you’d expect from a meditation ‘guru’!

Erika Geraerts

Frank Body

After completing the Meditation Teacher Training course I have a greater understanding of the subject. The course was immensely insightful. The information given was thorough and the meditations were an amazing look into different areas. The course all round was practical and interactive which really helped me absorb all the information. My teacher, Phoebe, was very inviting and gentle with her approach and I felt very grateful to be able to learn from someone so passionate and experienced about Meditation. I would highly recommend this course and I am looking forward to the next level.

Emma Louise Costabile

Phoebe was always approachable and really helpful with any questions or feedback I had and I felt she was genuinely interested in how I was progressing throughout the training. I would and have definitely recommend to anyone wanting to understand meditation on a deeper level to do the course with Phoebe at AYA.

Christine Amad

Raw Food + Yoga

Having been practicing for almost 20 years, I’ve never felt so inspired to just wake up, hit the cushion and sit. The course, Phoebe’s teaching and the wisdom shared by fellow students reaffirmed my own practice and the importance of providing the opportunity to allow others to awaken to their own awareness.

The Meditation Teacher Training with Phoebe at AYA has uplifted my spirit, transformed my practice and given me the skills to teach meditation with clarity and confidence. Thank you Phoebe for  sharing your vast experience with warmth, depth and precision, for reminding how to truly listen and for awakening the teacher within 🙂

A wonderful in-depth course facilitated by a gifted teacher, providing all the necessary content and practical skills to begin as a meditation teacher and to also deepen one’s personal meditation practice.

Dr Paul Stevens M.D, N.D.

Phoebe was great. Her knowledge was very well conveyed and easily digestible. She was personal and professional. I found her really interesting and interested and she practices what she preaches which is super important.