Drawing from eastern wisdom traditions and modern mindful based secular practices, our Mindfulness Meditation classes explore a variety of meditation techniques and touch upon an array of key themes and concepts through conversation and general enquiry.

Whether you are a beginner or have an established meditation practice, each class will provide an opportunity to cultivate greater awareness, refine attention and to turn inwardly to your own direct experience.

Life how we know it today is unquestionably busy and full of distractions. We believe that through meditation we can create space and cultivate greater resilience through drawing upon our own inner resources, helping us to better manage stress and deal with challenges in a more skilful manner.

These classes are an opportunity to practice mindfulness with a like-minded community, to step into presence and remind ourselves there is nothing to gain, all we need is what we already have within us.

WHEN: Every Monday 7.30pm to 8.30pm
FEES: Included in AYA membership or use your 10 pass or pay the casual class rate

Meditation Teacher Training

AYA also runs a Meditation Teacher Training Certificate Course.