Class Styles

All our styles of yoga explained.

Slow Flow Classes

Slow Flow Yoga classes are conducted in a heated room and are comprised of slow flowing vinyasa, rhythmically sequenced postures, static postures, breathing and meditation. You will be challenged with long holds that develop awareness, stamina, strength, breath control and further refine alignment and correct practice techniques to assist you in gaining the maximum safe benefit from your practice. This is a class that is designed to dramatically increase your stamina, strength and flexibility.

Flow and Yin

Flow and Yin is a delicious combination of the yin postures seamlessly combined with elements of Slow Flow and other complementary practices such as Myofascial Release. A perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Flow & Breathe

Flow & Breathe is a beautiful combination of flowing vinyasa sequences and static postures that ends with 10-15 mins of pranayama breathing or guided meditation.

In the breathe portion of the class we will teach various yogic breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation practices that will greatly benefit your mental and physical wellbeing and assist in managing stress and anxiety.

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

AYA runs dedicated Pre-Natal yoga classes. Please check the timetable for when they are running.

You may join a course at any stage of your pregnancy provided you have checked with your doctor. No bookings are required.

Pre-Natal yoga is conducted in small groups and in a non-heated room. You will be guided through a practice designed specifically for you and your growing baby with a focus on the key milestones to consider throughout your pregnancy and practices that will help prepare you for the birth.

Flow Classes

Flow Yoga classes are comprised of flowing vinyasa, rhythmically sequenced postures, static postures, breathing and meditation. You will be challenged with a dynamic and fast-paced flowing class designed to build cardiovascular endurance, mindful movement, mental acuity as well as flexibility and strength.

Yin Classes

In our Yin classes the pace is slowed right down, the focus is on doing one pose at a time and holding each pose for a few minutes. This allows you to relax, release tension and move deeply into the poses, something that is very much missing from our everyday lives.

You are encouraged to turn your attention inward and turn your practice into a moving meditation.

The aim of Yin classes is to increase overall health and flexibility by maintaining or increasing joint range of motion, releasing tension, improving circulation and repairing damaged fascia. It is the perfect and essential balance to our very active lifestyles (Yang) and serves to help re-balance the body’s energy and calm the mind. It is accessible to anyone of any age regardless of yoga experience.


Restorative Yoga is focused on the healing aspects of your practice, encouraging the body to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, commonly referred to as our rest and restore mode, bringing the mind to stillness, and balancing the more subtle energetic bodies.

Restorative yoga is great if you are recovering from injuries, are physically restricted or want a gentler, softer class.

Restorative uses lots of props, bolsters, blankets, straps & blocks to fully support the body, so is accessible to any body shape or injury.