Class Styles

All our styles of yoga explained.

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Detox Flow Classes


AYA’s Detox Flow classes are open to practitioners of all levels of experience and are conducted in a hot room (approximately 28 degrees).

This class is focused on cleansing and purification and is specifically designed to help you ‘reset’ and ‘refresh’ by incorporating practices that will help to detoxify the bodymind and reduce inflammation, leaving you with increased overall physical energy and boosting your mental and emotional clarity.

This class is also conducted at a slightly increased pace to challenge your cardiovascular system and improve your stamina and mental focus. Our infrared heating panels provide a therapeutic amount of deeply penetrating warmth into the body. This combined with the perspiration that naturally arises as a result expels toxins, heavy metals and other common pollutants via your largest organ, your skin. You can expect to sweat in this class.

AYA’s Detox Flow will leave you feeling CLEANSED, PURIFIED and CLEAR

(Did we mention sweaty)?

Energising Flow Classes


AYA’s Energising Flow classes are open to practitioners of all levels of experience and are specifically designed to help address the common issues which affect us all as the result of the ergonomics of our modern lifestyle, e.g. (prolonged sitting, driving, desk work etc).

This class focuses on increasing the overall mobility, strength, and stability of the muscles and joints of your back as well as relieving any tightness and accumulated tension in the musculature, and fascia of the neck, chest, shoulders and hip flexors.

AYA’s Energising Flow classes incorporate practices that unlock tension from the ribcage and respiratory diaphragm, contributing to increased elasticity of lung tissue and an overall improvement of the quality and efficiency of your breathing patterns on and off the mat.

This class supports your overall physical health, as well as your energy and general sense of mental and emotional wellbeing.

AYA’s Energising Flow classes will leave you feeling ENERGISED, EXPANSIVE and OPEN

Slow Awakening Flow Classes


AYA’s Slow Awakening Flow classes are open to all levels of experience and are designed as a challenging yet accessible general ‘tune up’, systematically ‘spring cleaning’ the body, quietening the mind and improving the overall functioning of your internal organs and physiological systems.

This class is a comprehensive and balanced physical and mental experience, designed to ‘recalibrate’ your energy via use of a variety of postures and practices, aimed at improving your general posture as well as increasing your flexibility and strength. This class will leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed and integrated from head to toe.

AYA’s Slow Awakening Flow includes flowing sequences, however the focus is on longer holds and how the breath is assisting us to move safely and efficiently from pose to pose.

Additionally, remaining in static postures for slightly longer periods of time will provide you the space you need to explore the asana adequately, allowing you to develop safer alignment and greater physical endurance.

AYA’s Slow Awakening Flow classes will leave you feeling UPLIFTED, INTEGRATED and CONNECTED

Yin Classes


In AYA’s Yin classes the pace is slowed right down and the focus is on doing one pose at a time and holding each pose for a few minutes. This allows you to relax, release tension and move deeply into the poses.

The slow pace and long holds also help you turn your attention inward and reach a deep, spacious meditative state to counter the stress of everyday life.

The aim of Yin classes is to increase overall health and flexibility by maintaining or increasing joint range of motion, releasing tension, improving circulation and repairing damaged fascia.

Yin is the perfect and essential balance to our very active Yang lifestyles and serves to help re-balance the body’s energy and calm the mind.

Yin classes are accessible everyone, regardless of age or experience.

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga is conducted via monthly, immersion-style workshops. These have been developed by Melanie Mackintosh, one of Australia’s leading prenatal yoga teachers, and you will be guided by her on the day. Melanie has designed a series of practices including breathing for pregnancy, labour and beyond, therapeutic movements for optimal birthing and relaxation/meditations to calm the nervous system. 

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Livestream Classes

Our live stream classes are vinyasa or yin based classes combining all of our class styles into a safe at home practice for students of any level.

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