AYA’s 28 Day Transformation Program

Dear yogis,

Have you ever wondered how to dive deeper into your practice, whilst continuing to engage in the day-to-day activities, responsibilities and relationships that make up your life?

Are you intrigued about how a deeper yoga practice might grow your capacity to achieve balance and harmony in your life?

Or, are you new or returning to yoga, and interested in designing and developing a routine that incorporates yoga and meditation into your life?

If these questions captured your interest, read on…!


AYA’s 28 Day Transformation Program

Now that we are settled in our beautiful new studio, we are thrilled to announce our 28 Day Transformation Program, especially designed for those who are seeking a deeper immersion into their yoga practice.

Commencing on Monday 29th October 2018, the program is open to and inclusive of all practitioners, from beginners right through to teachers.


What is the 28 Day Transformation Program?

As you may know, yoga is a holistic life practice that extends far beyond the four corners of your yoga mat. The 28 Day Transformation Program provides a month-long framework for exploring and embedding the practice into your daily life, without having to leave home for an ashram.

When you sign up to the 28 Day Transformation Program, you will set a sankalpa or intention for the month of practice ahead. Your sankalpa will shape and guide the frequency of classes that you choose to attend, and the amount of home practice that you would like to commit to. You will be supported to achieve your sankalpa via:

  • Access to Unlimited Yoga at AYA for 28 Days to deepen and develop your asana practice;
  • Invitation to an Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop to ask questions about and to learn meditation techniques for home practice;
  • Invitation to an Introduction to Pranayama Workshop to ask questions
    about and to learn breath-work techniques for home practice; and
  • Support Resources to support your learning and practice, including a Power Yoga Flow DVD, Savasana Meditation CD and Heart of Healing E-Book.


What is required for a ‘transformation’ to occur?

We recognise that the term ‘transformation’ is subjective and holds different meanings for different people.

We use the word ‘transformation’ for this program to acknowledge the potential for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical shifts to occur when we dedicate ourselves to a deep, consistent yoga practice.

If you are embarking on the 28 Day Transformation Program, we recommend:

  • Committing to attending five asana classes per week, over the course of the month (be sure to include a mixture of yang and yin classes throughout the week).
  • Committing to a short daily meditation or mindfulness practice (outlines for these practices will be provided in the associated workshop)
  • Committing to a short daily pranayama practice (outlines will be provided in the associated workshop

What is the investment for the Program?

The 28 Day Transformation Program is inclusive of:

  • Unlimited Yoga for 4 weeks – value $140
  • Mindfulness Meditation Workshop – value $66
  • Pranayama Workshop – value $66
  • Support Resources – value $70

The total investment for AYA Members is just $79 (value $187) (this price applies if you already have an unlimited membership with us)

For non- AYA Members, the total investment is just $199 (value $327)


Program Dates

Monday October 29 — Sunday November 25

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop: Monday October 29, 7 – 8:30pm

Pranayama Workshop: Sunday October 28, 5 – 6:30pm

Any queries or questions, you are welcome to email us at info@australianyogaacademy.com

We look forward to supporting you on this journey!
With love, the AYA Team.