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Power Flow Yoga for Every Body

Join Australian Yoga Academy’s Director Dominique Santana Salerno in this beautifully crafted, Australian made DVD, which has been filmed in a beautiful national park in Victoria, Australia and features an original and inspirational soundtrack.

You will be led through a sequence of dynamic and static yoga postures with detailed, clear instructions throughout on how to achieve each posture in a safe way. This DVD concludes with a guided relaxation meditation to complete your practice.

Regular practice of this yoga program will increase your cardio vascular endurance, strength and muscle tone and will increase your flexibility.

Australia / New Zealand Orders: AUD$25.00 + FREE Postage & Handling.
International Orders: AUD$25.00 + $12.00 Postage & Handling.


Prenatal Yoga for Every Woman

This DVD has been designed to cater for all women at every stage of pregnancy, whether you are new yo yoga practice or are an already experienced practitioner.

Regular yoga practice during your pregnancy will help you to feel relaxed, fit and strong and will help to build the stamina you need as your pregnancy progresses and for labour and the journey ahead.

Australia / New Zealand Orders: AUD$25.00 + FREE Postage & Handling.
International Orders: AUD$25.00 + $12.00 Postage & Handling.


Yoga: Savasana Meditation for Relaxation and Release CD

This beautiful 60 minute CD, produced by the Australian Yoga Academy’s teacher and founder Dominique Santana Salerno, will guide you through the process of Savasana, allowing you to achieve the full benefits of total relaxation and release. The CD can be purchased from all good retailers.

AUD$15.00 + FREE Postage & Handling.
International Orders: AUD$15.00 + $12.00 Postage & Handling.

Beyond the Emotional Rollercoaster by Anthony Salerno

Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster will take you on an inspirational journey of personal empowerment toward self-mastery. It offers not only profound insight into how life works but also practical tools for discovering the hidden blessings in all our challenging life experiences. This is ultimately the key to true healing and a means to attaining the peace, joy and love that we all seek.

You will come to see that miracles abound when you stop resisting reality and learn to truly love what is.

You hold in your hands an opportunity to know and feel the divine love and order of the Universe in every experience, to raise your awareness to a whole new level and to truly transform your life.

Australia / New Zealand Orders: AUD$27.95 + $6.00 Postage & Handling.
International Orders: AUD$27.950 + $12.00 Postage & Handling.