Teacher Training Resources


Login to Learnbook (AYA’s online learning platform for Teacher Training).

Learnbook is available to Teacher Training students currently enrolled at AYA. New students will be provided with a login once their training commences. If you have any problems logging in, please contact Melanie Mackintosh on 0413 298 132

Karma Class Bookings & Schedule

To book your Karma class please use Doodle: Tuesday Session | Friday Session

You only need to book places if you are presenting, NOT if you are coming to observe. Remember that your presenting requirements are as follows:

All Groups
4 x Karma class presentations
(4 x 10 min presentations in 4 different sessions)

4 x Karma class participation
(attend 4 whole Karma classes to observe/participate)

Karma Class Documents

Note: The Karma Class Attendance Sheet needs to be signed every time you attend a Karma Class.